Have you ever wondered what makes a bed comfortable? If you guess it’s the sheets on that bed, you’d be right. Sheets come into direct contact with the human body, which is why their quality is just as important as the blanket you snuggle under and the mattress you’re sleeping on.

The reality about your bedroom is that it’s more than a place you lay your head down in at night. The sheet’s natural fabrics let the skin breathe, which is why your sheets should be made of organic, natural materials.

Enjoy Sleeping on Organic Bed Sheets - It is a lot of fun!

People spend a good part of their life in their bed, which makes it necessary for the environment to be comfortable.  How a person sleeps is affected by their sheets’ materials, which is why it’s necessary to be choosy about what kind of sheets to use.

Why Choose Bedding Out Of Organic/Natural Materials

Before you purchase any bedsheets, you need to know what the important characteristics are of each material. After all, there are all types of bedding, comprised of both synthetic and natural materials.

Natural materials are often preferred over synthetic materials for two reasons:

  • It’s extremely comfortable
  • Natural fibers can absorb the moisture

Silk, linen and cotton are most often used to produce bedsheets.

Natural Bedding is a MUST!

The best cotton comes from Egypt, and is the Mako cotton, which is pleasant to the touch and is extremely resistant to stress. The cost is reasonable and it offer simple maintenance. Mako cotton is extremely hygienic, can absorb moisture well and is breathable. During those cold winter nights, cotton fabrics warm bedsheets and flannel covers up. It’s also soft to touch, whether it’s a plain weave or twill weave.

By choosing satin or a blend of cotton mako-satin bed clothing, people can give themselves the best comfort possible. After all, the fabric satin is extremely lightweight and extremely thin, comprised of 100 percent cotton. How can you tell if you have satin sheets? Touch the bedding. If it’s smooth and soft, chances are it is satin. This type of bedding is extremely easy to take care, and you don’t need to iron it.

Bed linen was previously woven using flax, which is extremely tough and durable and is cool when touched. However, more and more people are asking for flax linen because of its ability to stay cool in the summer and warm during the winter.

Silk – a natural material that comes from the butterfly’s silkworm cocoon. There are two features that distinguish silk from other fabrics:

  • Feels cool when touched
  • Silky shine

Whether you purchase the classic silk bedding or the tensioning embodiment, silk is often recommended for people who suffer with allergies or have asthma. That’s because silk is a natural anti-allergenic – dust mites cannot attach themselves to it. With the punctured silk fiber structure, people can experience a better, drier sleep. Silk is recommended to use during summer months.

Bear in mind that silk bedding can be combined with cotton. This combination of silk and cotton means the bedding is a bit more compact and less maintenance needed to care for it. Of course, for either one, there doesn’t need to be a lot of maintenance done to keep them looking their best.

Should You Use Organic Bed Sheets?

Organic means better and healthier

The human body is in constant struggle with toxins that it comes into contact with through products such as bedsheets, clothing, etc. However, with organic cotton bedding like bedsheets, you can produce an atmosphere in the home that lets the body’s defense system to relax. In essence, this can ensure a more serene sleep.

On top of that, purchasing these kinds of sheets is a great way to make a positive impact on the environment. When you buy organic cotton products that have been grown and manufactured within the U.S., it ensures healthy American soil.

Don’t take our word for it …