Once upon a time the sizes for beds were more standard. Mattresses were almost all 7” to 9” thick and you could trust that when you bought sheets or bedding for your mattress size they would actually fit. Now we have many different options for mattress thickness and sometimes we even add mattress toppers and options that can make mattresses up to 20” thick.

Bedding is also now a very international market, and not all manufactures make their bedding the same sizes. Luckily you can usually look on the packaging to determine what the finished sizes of bedding are to make sure you get the fit you expect.

The biggest change for bedding has been on something called “Pocket Size” this is how thick of a mattress will your fitted sheet accommodates. It is probably the most important measurement you need when looking for bedding.

If your sheet packaging does not specify a pocket size assume it is a standard pocket size which accommodates a mattress that is up to 12” high. If the package states it fits deep pockets that is designed to fit mattress that are 13” to 17” high.

Extra deep pockets will fit a mattress that is between 18” and 25”. Some packaging will simply state fits mattresses up to 20” or whatever measurement they fit, so make sure you pay attention to pocket size.


Pocket sizes
Standard 7” to 12”
Deep 13” to 17”
Extra Deep 18” to 25”

This handy chart has the sizes for the most common bedding; this sizing assumes a Deep Pocket mattress. If you have a standard mattress height you can go with bedding that is a couple inches smaller on each of the measurements. If you have an Extra Deep mattress you may want to look for bedding that adds a couple inches to each of the measurements.

Mattress Size Measurements Flat Sheet Fitted Sheet Bedspread Duvet Comforter Coverlet
Twin (38” x 75”) 72” X 110” 40” X 77” 84” X 112” 68” X 86” 68” X 90”
Twin XL (38” x 75”) 72” X 110 40” X 80” 84” X 112” 68” X 90” 68” X 90”
Full (53” x 75”) 82” X 110” 55” X 77” 100” X 112” 81” X 86” 90” X 96”
Queen (60” x 80”) 94” X 115” 61” X 82” 110” X 124” 92” X 88” 90” X 96”
King (76” x 80”) 108” X 115” 79” X 82” 128” X 124” 107” X 92” 108” X 96”
California King (72” x 84”) 108” X 115” 74” X 86” 124” X 124” 107” X 92” 108” X 96”