Most parents see their parenting job as fulfilling, but it can be extremely tiring. One of the most important tasks a parent can have is to keep their child safe at all times.

Therefore, any bedding you buy for your wee one should be designed from fabric that is breathable – something that keeps the baby cool during the summer or warm during the winter.

Buying sheets for your bed is fairly simple, right? Well, not so for your baby’s bed. You don’t want the bed to contain a whole bunch of things – no top sheets, no pillows, no quilts, nada.

You only need the basics: a great crib and mattress to boost. And, once you have that, you need some crib bedding to go along with it.

Why You Should Consider Organic Crib Sheets?

There are all kinds of benefits behind high-quality organic crib sheetsdurability, softness, breathability. The great thing about pure cotton is that it’s soft and safe along with breathable, meaning it’s warm during winter and cooler during summer.

It’s important to remember that pure cotton is completely hypoallergenic, meaning if your baby has skin irritations or allergies, they’re less likely to break out or having problems. Also, pure cotton is extremely soft and durable. It’s also washable. Unlike other types of bedding, cotton won’t attract lint so the sheets always look nice.

Disadvantages Behind Cotton Bedsheets

The biggest drawback to using cotton crib sheets is that they become easily wrinkled. So, unless you’re okay with that, you’ll have to constantly iron them.
Another drawback is that cotton can be a bit rough but soften after it’s been washed a number of times.

The reality is that cotton crib sheets are a wonderful item to invest in, especially when it comes to your baby’s comfort.

What Sheet Size Is Best For Baby

You want to be sure that your baby’s crib sheets are fit the mattress perfectly. Make sure you measure the mattress before you buy any sheets. It boils down to safety – when a sheet is loose is can bunch up or come off. In order to really keep your baby safe, buy elastic straps so the sheets will securely stay fit. Should you be using a portable crib mattress, a regular sheet isn’t possible. That’s because they’re thinner and smaller.